If you are interested in hiring me for commission work (within the topic of this website) please fill out this form. Have in mind that sometimes the waiting times are long, due to high demand and my work for Cosmic Disclosure series which takes priority.

I work in two different ways. First one is to let whoever is most relevant for the person to come through freely to be depicted, and the second one is if you have a particular being in mind, to depict that being the way they wish to come through through me.

I can also work with descriptions if you give them but there has to be a certain freedom to let them come through in a way they choose that is most conducive to strengthen the connection for you.

I charge $333 US dollars per portrait, via PayPal before I begin working on them. The price for Hybrid Children is $222. The price can be higher when multiple beings are requested on one picture, but if the beings themselves decide to show up more than 1, I don't charge extra for that. These prices are exclusively for portraits and do not apply to book covers and other possible media.

Readings are not included, they are optional, depending on if the being wishes to give me information or if they wish you to get info from them directly. Sometimes I get a lot from them and I include that in writing with the portrait, and sometimes it's only a portrait and they wish you to connect to them through the image and receive it yourself.

When done, I email you a large digital file in .PNG format of the portrait.

Do NOT send any payments before you get a green light from me please. Thank you!

Important notice: Prices have changed due to a very high demand. I simply cannot keep up with orders, reply emails, maintain the schedule and have a private life at the same time. Also, I don't accept any other currency than US dollars. Thank you for your understanding <3
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