I am a lifelong consciousness explorer, ET communicator, researcher, geek, gamer and an intuitive artist. I put great importance to subjective experiences, seeing them as a doorway to other dimensions, entities and true understanding of consciousness. My artwork is aimed at helping people establish more personal connections with the galactics. Inspiring imagination, different perspectives, creative thinking, having fun, exploration and embodiment of the infinite are my main passions in this life, and many others.


Many people ask me for advice on how to communicate with ETs, how to open their third eye, how to remember their dreams and other similar questions. There is plenty of material online about each of these subjects if you want specific guidance, especially in channeled material. If you are really excited and inspired about this, take some time to do the research. As with any subject, you will find that some of that material is completely useless to you, while some speaks directly to your heart. Use your own guidance and discernment when it comes to these things. If you don’t know how to use your own guidance, work on that first and foremost. Trying to establish any sort of contact without facing yourself fully first is not a good idea in my opinion, as it may cause significant distortions in perception of what really happened and why.


Another question I often get is am I a channeler or a medium. I am not. Not in the way most people think when they ask that question. I translate energies into visuals, much like a dancer translates music into movement. Some of my works are depictions of beings I saw in sleep state or astral state. Some are intuitive interpretations of their energies. Some are done according to other people’s descriptions and some are being guided by the entities themselves. It is a mix and match of all things.


What I focus on most is to bring out the vibration of that being, and not so much on precise detail. Most of these beings are not as physical as we imagine them to be, and they will look different to different people, depending on the vibration of the observer and the level at which communication is unfolding. Some of them appear differently each time as they shift their own vibration. Some use holographic projections and are completely non corporeal. Some use screen imagery, and in many cases our own brains superimpose visual interpretations on top of what we actually saw, because we have nothing to compare it to. Remember that we are dealing with different densities of existence here, so use the energy behind the pictures to connect and don’t get hung up on physical details, because they are very malleable when perceived with our physical mind. I highly recommend engaging your peripheral vision as well while gazing at the images instead of applying narrowed down sharp focus.