We have teamed up with Pete and Roxy from Awakening Education! They are all the way from Australia and they are here to help humanity and the planet raise its vibration. If you are feeling stuck, blocked or want an activation their 1:1 healing sessions are for you. Connect to the Pleiadians and other extraterrestrial beings of light on an off -planet star ship to elevate your consciousness and receive higher energy flows. Pete and Roxy also teach you how to access the starship and talk telepathically with ET beings, so if you want to add this skill to your toolkit check out their Galactic Training Course. For 1:1 Energetic Healing with Pleiadians, click the image below!

What you can expect in this session:

  • DNA Activations & Akashic Records Reading
  • Soul Split & Soul Fracture Merge
  • Negative Subconscious Programs Neutralized
  • Removal of negative energy blocks & root cause emotion found and released
  • Dense Energy in physical body, energy body transmuted
  • Cell Rejuvenation
  • Organ, Blood and Nervous system upgrades
  • Chakra Balance
  • Past Life Regression
  • Negative implants/Imprints Removal
  • Connect with the higher realms, arc angels and your star family!
  • Discover your purpose and mission for this lifetime!