If you are interested in hiring me for commission work (within the topic of this website) please take the time to carefully read the instructions below and then fill out the form. I am hoping I have answered most of the potential questions you might have. Please use the contact form only if you are an english speaker and want to hire me for a portrait at the time you are filling it in.

I work in two different ways. First one is to let whoever is most relevant for the person to come through freely to be depicted, and the second one is if you have a particular being in mind, to depict that being the way they wish to come through through me.

I can also work with descriptions if you give them, but there has to be a certain freedom to let them come through in a way they choose that is most conducive to strengthen the connection for you. I don’t do landscapes by order, just portraits.

I charge EUR 500 (500 Euros) in full, per portrait, via PayPal before I begin working on them. The price can be higher when multiple beings are requested on one picture, but if the beings themselves decide to show up more than 1, I don’t charge extra for that. The price is exclusively for portraits and does not apply to book covers and other possible media I might decide to do in the future. I currently only accept euro (€) as currency, as I reside in Europe.

Readings are not included, they are optional, depending on if the being wishes to give me information or if they wish you to get info from them directly. Sometimes I get a lot from them and I include that in writing with the portrait, and sometimes it’s only a portrait and they wish you to connect to them through the image and receive it yourself. I will most certainly include at least my experience of the connection.

It usually takes me about 10 days of work, sometimes less sometimes more time depending on the complexity of the image. I don’t work under deadlines. When done, I email you a large digital file of the portrait in .PNG format, along with the message, if there was any message.

I have received guidance that feels right from our galactic friends and family, and that is to only accept orders that I can share with the world publicly for the time being. Working for documentaries and books is great and I am extremely honored, but it is completely inaccessible for 99% of the population and controlled by other factors outside of my realm of influence. So this is what I am going to do, so that all of you can benefit and enjoy and feel these vibrations. I have also understood that if I do it this way, I will open myself more to their messages and channelings that will be directed (if they so desire) not just to the client but for all of us. Please have this in mind before ordering. If you desire I will not use your name, but the portrait must be available to share with the public.

I will be taking 3 orders at a time, after which the form will close until I can take another three. When the slots are full, there will be a notification stating this instead of the form below. I will work on the three requests in the order of payments made.

Do not send any payments before you get a green light from me please, and do not leave any personal information in the contact form (such as phone number etc.) except for the required fields. I highly respect my clients’ privacy and time, and I expect the same in return. Thank you!


I take 3 orders at a time. All the slots are currently filled. Please check back later. Thank you for your patience.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Just to cover some questions I have been getting a lot and save you some time :). I do not sell any prints of portraits done for clients. I am not taking new projects (this includes using my artwork in your movies, videos, websites, books and other content) or doing interviews for the time being.

You do not have my permission to:

– use the images in your work (unless I made them specifically for you) without talking to me prior, especially not if my signature has been cropped or removed.
– alter images that are not done specifically for you.
– misrepresent beings I have depicted by taking them out of context of the message that has been channeled.
– monetize videos where my artwork is used.
– earn money from it in any way unless given specific permission from me.
– advertise your work with my artwork unless given specific permission from me.
– copy my designs for 3D printing work or any kind of design work including T-Shirts, posters, calendars etc.

Please understand that commissions (and my personal connections) represent someone’s guides, cosmic family or hybrid children. Consider them as pictures of family members. You wouldn’t want pictures of your family members, children or relatives to be used around Internet I am sure, so I hope you can understand why you cannot use images I have created for other people. You will perhaps be seeing a few exceptions where my art has been used in a professional documentary such as E.T. CONTACT: THEY ARE HERE. This has been done with individual permission from all of my clients whose galactic portraits were used in the movie.