member of a Feline race
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Ankor came through to be represented unexpectedly. I only received imagery and his name when I finished. For months I did not know who it was or was he even real, until it was revealed to me in a channeling session that my cat is a second density extension of a close ET soulmate. I asked about it because I suspected it was so and wanted to confirm. Later on I was connecting with my cat, and up the vibrational scale to this entity, to ask about his name. I did not expect it at all, but the name I received was Ankor, which sounded familiar. Then it dawned on me I have already represented him and I had a major series of AHA moments, including the realization that he indeed looks like my cat. I didn't even think she would be an extension of a Feline ET, it simply didn't cross my mind. This is all I know about him so far.