Hybrid Children family

Hybrid Children with Shayla
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Jason Frith's Hybrid Children family with Shayla of the YahYel

Children from left to right:

Tom: Feline-human hybrid, he is very independent and charming, and interested in healing and DNA of plants. He is very direct and open, very smart and confident.

Maia: The little one, very playful, she is a YahYel. She said she likes princess Leia from Star Wars, and also wants to be a techie, so she is learning about technology. She was running all over the place when I was trying to decide on her pose, she was hiding behind Shayla's leg, clinging onto it, then giggling and running and finally settled down for a picture. She KNOWS she is cute.

K-Larr: Reptilian-human hybrid, he is young but very tall for his age, soothing calm healing energy, very benevolent, and has more of a snake energy than other reptilians I have been representing here. Loves to swim! He insisted that I show his profile to his dad, because he thinks he looks handsome from the profile.

Odette-Odile: She is about 17 years old in our perception, very graceful, intelligent, serious and loving being, pretty shy as well. She is connected to swan energies and loves ballet. I believe she has more Grey DNA than the rest.

Shayla: Represented and described in other piece in this gallery.

Jason Frith