Member of the ancient Tal-Ni reptilian race
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He is 7'1'' tall. They are a 5th density millions of years old race, and come from a "place that is out of sight of humans altogether", on the other side of the galaxy. They came to see "what the fuss is about" with humans and our waking up. They are mind based beings without much understanding of emotions. He is the leader of his family who has been "in the prestige of exploring our galaxy."

Kau'T posed a fantastic question about humans that is making me grow and expand every day. "Why do you need to know more than what you are told to know?"

I have felt a connection with him some days before the session, when he suddenly pushed me out of my body sideways for a few seconds. Other things followed that I won't go into great detail about now but his energy is strong and regal, and it matches well with mine, as we are both extremely curious about each other. My intention and great excitement in connecting with beings who do NOT understand humans is what brought this forward more than anything else, apart from the things described in this clip. By the virtue of his questions and exploration, I have the opportunity to explore so much more of what I am as a human, and how I see humanity as a whole. It is a great adventure to find common ground with ALL beings, and for me, finding common ground with a being like him is helping me find common ground with part of the humanity (reflection) that I judge.

This depiction is symbolic and very personal, as it represents my connecting with him which is very unusual let's say. It is not 100% correct, but small details are not that important as the energy is represented well.