my principal spirit guide
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Klaritas is my principal spirit guide. It is a non physical being who is neither male nor female. Its expression / appearance is almost identical to my Higher Self.

May the love permeate through all your lives, just as it is now. This place of unconditional love would take you in its arms each time you so desire. We greet you as one of our own and know that you ARE a beautiful emanation of luminescence and love. Take this energy with you wherever you go. It will be your home and safehaven. You belong here and here belongs with you. My essence name is Klaritas, I am neither male nor female. I am what you are when you remember. Do not doubt. You have come this far. Subtle clues are now more obvious. All the synchronicities from today were instructed by us. Make it into what you want it to be. Sole reminder is what has been given. There are incredible things still along the road. Give into yourself. Keep the frequency vibrant and you will see. Last but not least, gather what you know and put it to use by intuition. We are already here talking. It is done. Alansu.