variant of the Arcturian prototype race
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I met these beings in astral one night in 2013. It was an amazing adventure. During the day, I was asked by a friend to fill out a questionnaire to help his friend with her psychology project. I found it very odd that at least 3-4 questions were about fear of running out of air and drowning or choking. I answered that I have no fear of that. When I went to sleep the adventure began. I saw two people (normal humans) walking towards me, one of them was very old, he used a cane to walk with difficulty, all hunched. He seemed like a very wise man. The other one seemed like his helping boy or a servant and he was young, maybe in his mid 20s. As I was looking at them I noticed that something was odd in the frequency, and as soon as I noticed that, their true forms were revealed to me.

They were two blue male beings, short and adorable. They approached me and I received a download that the one I thought was a servant was actually royalty, and the other one was his right hand. They didn't say a thing, just looked at me with great love and smirking, content that I figured them out. Then the one I will call the King wanted to communicate with me, and I instantly knew what to do. I knelt down to be of same height as him, and he had put his hands on my temples and started what I can only describe as a Vulcan mind meld. His forehead was touching mine, and I felt his skin texture that was dolphin like, smooth and rubbery, and it was very soft as it folded in, pressing on my forehead like a rubber doll. I could not feel his bone structure, but I felt the vacuum was created between our heads as they connected. I closed my eyes and fully allowed it.

As soon as he started I couldn't breathe any more. I knew that was a part of the process and that I had to endure so I could get the information and connect with them. I was almost passing out and I felt the lack of oxygen in my body as it was going on, but I was ready to die for it. I KNOW I actually could not breathe in my sleep at that point. I understood at that point that the questionnaire I was doing during the day was actually a test to see if I was ready to go through this experience and not freak out. It felt like a test, to see if I am THAT willing to connect to them, and I passed. The moment I thought I would die it stopped and the King said that I now have access to their realm / dimension. Then they transported me to another place and started showing me things. I found myself in a fairy like meadow in front of a wooden house that looked like some sort of a gathering place. There were many forest animals there, rabbits, foxes, raccoons, but they were all acting like humanoids. It was a very entertaining and almost grotesque sight. Fox was playing the piano and the rabbit was riding a unicycle, and I saw all sorts of similar things like that. Then the King told me telepathically (as I could not see him anymore in that scene) that not all that we see is what it seems, and that not every, but any animal can actually be one of them, we never know.

Then suddenly creatures that looked like goblins appeared, and started pulling harsh tricks on the animals and being very mischievous. The King explained, this was the worst that could happen in their realm, and it was never ill willed, that is just the nature of duality there and it doesn't go further than harmless fun. After that I don't remember what happened, but I spoke a lot with the King. It was my time to leave and I found myself at the starting scene of the whole dream, where I saw the 2 men. I wished to say good bye and express my endless appreciation for the experience they have given me, but I did not know how. So I entered through a portal and found myself again in that mysterious forest. The view was magnificent, lush green forest and meadows, and a big crystal castle shimmering in the distance, but the throne where the King was sitting was right in the middle of the green hill without anything else around it. Fully surrounded with nature. I approached him and said I want to show you how grateful I am, and I asked him to mind meld me again because I knew that was the best way for him to feel my appreciation. I knelt again and we did the same process, only this time it was shorter and enjoyable. I cried tears of happiness and he said that as of now I will always have access to this realm. I woke up crying and was very excited about this encounter, which I remember in detail even today. I finally have the chance to show them to the world now, for which I am also very grateful.

These entities specifically are the ones that are connected with you throughout your oversoul. There are literally tens of thousands of these entities that are connected simultaneously with humans. There are several hundred that are in your oversoul. These entities do not have a name to the human knowledge. They are one variant of the Arcturian prototype, but they are not Arcturians themselves. These entities specifically carry a foreign name. The energies that we perceive are giving us different names than some of the galactic historical names that have been given to these entities. We are not coming to communication with them in the most direct manner as we have with the Arcturian race, but most of them are known as Krynon or Coctirians.” – Aridif (I am not sure about the spelling of the second name, it might be Copterians, or Coctilians as well)