Mantis Beings

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Galactic connections of Lauri Poldre


It all revolves around sound and cymatics blueprints.

First thing I got was the man. The man is a shaman of some kind, working with sound. The garments he wears are similar, but don't pay too much attention to this particular design. I don't know which civilization he belongs to but it is way back, when ETs were still walking on Earth. The man is your parallel life you're drawing your wisdom from and building on it.

I got slightly disappointed on the first day, as I didn't get the ET part at that point yet.

I went to sleep asking for more info, and dreamed of praying mantis and big stick insects. Upon waking up I realized it was the Mantid connection that was coming through, and the stick insects were actually some kind of written language that was used at the time, similar to sticks, but it was alive and embedded with codes. Ancient tribal feel but not primitive, very advanced, very connected to cosmos, not just the Earth.

After waking up and letting all this come through, the visions started.

Night time, fire, great intensity. Red soil, some sort of a clearing. Advanced stone temples nearby. I see 2 mantid beings towering behind the man. I see large crystal gongs. I doubt my vision but I decide to let it flow.

It keeps getting more intense during the day, more pronounced, sharper, confirming. More emotional and charged. I wonder about the gongs in particular, did I just make that up?

I relax again and let the info come through. I don't have to know why, this is for you.

Then I suddenly remember Bashar's session about talking to the stones. He spoke of crystals, very thin big plates of crystals, hanging like gongs, that make very specific frequencies when hit. It starts to make sense and I feel reassured.

As I start working on the piece I get more downloads. Mantis beings connected to the man, counterparts of his, teaching and sharing about how sound carries blueprints of information. They also do clicks, but can produce most beautiful sounds for various purposes. They can see the multidimensional cymatics patterns, and they can also exude them with precision.

During my work I decide to go to your Facebook profile and look through the pictures. I am shocked to see actual gongs in your sessions. I never knew, or even connected them to crystal bowls before. I feel immense gratitude for you opening this door for me, so I can see through time, and feel it all like I am there.

I ask for more info but I get that the rest is embedded in the work and it is for you to connect the dots.

The gongs on the picture are just a model, not necessarily accurate representation, apart from the crystal structure. One of them is producing a sound that spreads across the whole scene.

One of the Mantis beings is holding a cymatics pattern within the Schumann resonance. Both beings feel gentle, wise, intense and loving. I can't tell their sex, I suspect they don't embody that polarity.

The man's pineal gland is producing another cymatics pattern of high vibration.

It's a full moon night.

Lauri Poldre


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