Melika and Jonah

Hybrid Children
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Melika and Jonah, hybrid children of Blanca

They seem like twins, but they are also very different. I feel that they are light beings of a very high vibration. I also sense a Pleiadian and Vegan connection. Vegan would probably be more in the past of their ET ancestors, which later on became Pleiadians. They both carry the perfect human blueprint. Doesn't feel to me like they are part of the Zeta hybrid program. This feels like something else, something much more intricate. Weaving in of light codes from a specific genetic strand that stretches far through time, if we looked at it linearly. It would be like the base Lyran advanced and evolved humanoid light code represented in several races that came afterwards in galactic history family tree. In this case I believe Vegan, Pleiadian and Human (yours). It's that code that was singled out as the highest potential and embedded into Melika and Jonah.

Melika is such a powerful being. She taps into infinite intelligence with ease and is able to "play" the codes that make up physical reality. It's all about sound. But this sound is not made by instruments or vocal chords. It's made by intent from the heart, and channeled through throat and third eye chakras. She has the energy of a princess or a little goddess. Silver and pink swirling aura, and skin like alabaster. When you look deep into her eyes, you can see the swirling in irises too.

Jonah is the masculine version of a similar energy. I was blown away by the clarity and groundedness of this little boy. He carries the energy of a grown integrated and realized man already. He understands my struggle to put it into words right now.


"Be it sometimes that we cannot communicate clearly, I am of a conviction that what is needed to be heard is being portrayed. To the gracious being that is our mother, I want to dedicate a poem. It will be something not of the world, but of the void."

(I waited a little bit to see if he will tell me the poem, and did my best to quiet my thoughts, and then he said "Granted", and started the poem)

"Carry the sound
of my heart
Bless the fragrance
of my breath
Convey the truth
of my light
Sound the bells
of my laughs
Sharpen the senses
Dismantle the fences
So that my mother can hear my song."

This seems like everything he wished to say in this way. I had a visual when he was doing this invocation from the void, of a light tunnel reaching through the cosmos and dimensions from him to you. I believe it was some form of facilitation and invitation for you to connect. Melika on the other hand does not use words at all that I can translate, at least not into our familiar concepts. It feels like both of them are like that, but Jonah decided to be more active, while Melina is showing the example of their true way of communicating. It's some kind of music of frequencies, music of the spheres. It's a direct Source connection and it also touches the soul directly. They are both what humans can become. We all have that light code in our blueprints, given to us by our ET ancestors. Beautiful and most benevolent beings. I love them :)