Na Key Plae

Pleiadian Tall Nordic
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On 16th of May 2011 I had a dream where I was standing at the ocean shore with a large group of people, waiting for something important. Sure enough, a super pod of black & white dolphins appeared and we all went into the water following them. I have never seen black & white dolphins before, nor knew of their existence, so at first I thought it was Orcas but with a dolphin shape and size. There were whales too but I don't remember them that well. Each cetacean paired with one human, and they were pulling us through water as we were holding by their dorsal fins. The journey took us far out in the ocean and I don't have any reference as to how long it lasted, as I have gaps in my memory as to how we got to the shore. We went out of the water and were immediately greeted by gigantic men, all dressed in white loose linen clothes. I thought I was in the land of the Nephilim or something. They were all around 7-8ft tall and the city looked very clean and light, everything was white. It seemed like marble structures but I cannot be sure now. It didn't look too alien in any case, just too perfect. I was greeted by two of these tall men and they took me, arm in arm like real gentlemen, and escorted me slowly to a big hub of activity that looked like a city center hall or some community dwelling. One of them was Na Key Plae. When we reached our destination I saw many other people mingling and hanging out, and we were standing on the huge marble looking porch with columns outside the building, chatting. They were both looking at me from above with curiosity and care. I do not remember any more of that experience.

Over the years I have seen him many times in different settings in my sleep state, and sometimes I would recognize him and sometimes not, or only upon waking up I would. His energy was both repelling and cozy to me, depending on the encounter, but each and every time very familiar and never once threatening. If anything, I was the threatening one. Sometimes he would feel pushy and I would just ignore him persistently, sometimes we would have fun and were joyfully participating together in whatever was going on, sometimes we would be on ships with different entities, sometimes romantically involved, sometimes it would feel like we are brother and sister. Sometimes he would look exactly like in my first encounter, and sometimes he would be more of a human height, but always the same recognizable energy.

Eventually, encounters raised in numbers and I started wondering why this is so and who is this person. At one point, again in sleep state, I was furious with him and started arguing for no apparent reason, almost wanting to hurt him physically. And then he said we knew each other in many lifetimes and showed me one of those lifetimes in a flash, where I instantly understood how connected we are. He does have a human incarnation on Earth at this time.