Orange Hybrid

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Member of a Hybrid race, galactic connection of Susie

Notes for the client:

I haven't received a name for him, it seems they do not use names. I clearly saw him before I started working on the image, and did my best to depict what I saw. He has a delightful orange color, but the texture is much different to our skin. It's almost hardened like chitin, but at the same time like a thick leaf to the touch. I had a zesty orange smell in my awareness as I was working on the image, but from what I understood it was my interpretation of their fragrance, as they do emanate fragrance. Just not orange but something equally invigorating and yet hard to pinpoint if it's coming through the smell, or happening inside my head due to the frequency.

His body has a similar general shape to ours, but again, the difference is that the "skin" looks more like big insect plates or like petals of a closed flower. It seems hardened and shines like armor but it's actually delicate. In some way, he reminded me of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, but only slightly due to the shape of his head and face.

When I finished the portrait I was sitting in front of my computer doing other stuff and suddenly the density in the room changed, as I perceived it. Something clicked into place and I found myself in a conversation with this being, so I've stopped doing what I was doing, grounded myself and started writing it down. I am sharing only the parts where he was speaking for the sake of clarity and brevity, but we did go back and forth as I was asking questions and he was answering them:

"Simulated imagery is fitting for this transmission, as worlds upon worlds collapse into this two dimensional plane and condense my directed intention. I cherish your courage and resolve in life. I cherish your refined visions. Unusual as I may seem to you, I look a bit more different even. But let this be a first step towards recognition. Some things are hard to explain as you have yet to experience them as a planetary race. Stay open to the shifting of images as your vibration adjusts. Hone in only to the light in your soul. This will be your looking glass, now and forever.

Through time, more of the self and the universe is revealed. More differences understood and similarities recognized. We are a hybrid species, but not related to what you consider hybrid programs. We were born out of love between our sun and the moon, between planets in our solar system. Between different races that found a way to co-create.

I cannot explain more precisely as more things are to come to you as a civilization before you get to the part where who and what we are will be translatable. But you can use this as a metaphor, imagine a co-creation between insect, plant and mammalian (including humanoid) kingdoms. I am not saying that this is what happened, it is only a symbolic blueprint that you can tap into, to co-relate with what we are. At this time story won't matter, but the frequency of it can still be conveyed. Synergy. Fusion. Without losing the qualities of any of the elements combined. The elements that connected through intricately balanced interactions so beautifully that they birthed a new fractal of existence, which is our race.

This is all that I can tell you for now, using ideas you can compare it with.

As for my message to Susie,

Think of the painters mixing the colors. Different colors combined result in new colors. They are born from combination of elements, but the result has a frequency of its own. All of the unique expressions in your world came from combination of elements. Hybrids are no different. You understand this concept well, and this is why our connection resonates so strongly. You are an alchemist and you create many ideas by this process.

While there are many unknowns to be discovered for both of us in this connection still, you are already honed in onto the essence of who we are and can ground this frequency of becoming onto your planet. I am at your service to inspire and assist you in this if you wish, for my zest for life comes from recognizing the intricate nature of nature, and appreciating the sparks that alchemize uniqueness into physical reality. You are loved as a creature of God, and we see God in all of its creations and their creations."