Sassani Hybrid boy

Sassani-Human Hybrid Child
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I have had visions of him since 2013, but I never got to connect to him properly. Now I decided to recreate what I keep seeing, in order to strenghten the connection and make my intention to remember him more clear.

He does not have a name, and he doesn't care for one, most probably because I don't care for names either. Perhaps we will think of one as we are building our rapport in the future, or as something fun to play with, but for now he prefers to just "be" and believes it is enough to look into his eyes to know what is needed. He is highly intelligent, and mostly serious boy. I believe he has Sassani, mine and one other kind of DNA, possibly originating from Orion human frequency range (not Orion grey).

He doesn't act or feel like a child, and yet I can feel him as one at the same time. His energy can be slightly intimidating in a way that we wouldn't expect a child to be so wise, mature and powerful, but rather than be intimidated I feel quite proud. His eyes look deep into the soul and I imagine it would be uncomfortable for some who are used to hiding their emotions. He sees everything, and the profundity of his emotions was very surprising to me. I can only hope I managed to translate that into visuals. The connection is strong and yet there are no words exchanged at this moment.