Member of the YahYel civilization
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Connection of Jason Firth


Initially I thought she was YahYel, but when I started working on her some Sassani traits started emerging. I am not sure about her specific DNA but it feels like she is a hybrid of some sorts (not a hybrid child mind you).

When I was looking for a background Ten Forward from Star Trek TNG appeared to me, or something along the lines of a lounge on a mother ship. It does not look like this, this is just a symbolic representation of how she wanted to be portrayed, relaxed and friendly, as if inviting you to sit down for a cup of tea.

She has some amount of mischievous energies in her, but not to the point of being tricksterish. She seems to be able to offer lot of wisdom and a unique insight, but in any case a lot of joy, love, laughter and fun.

I got from her that she is residing on the YahYel mothership with a lot of other races and children.

Jason Firth