Full Name: Z’Kerg-esen
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He is 7'1'' tall. His race resides in a planetary system of the Wezen star (Delta Canis Majoris).

Race- unknown, but not part of what we know as Tall Grey or Zeta Reticulan. The majority of their time and energy is spent moving between their planets. They are connected with a range of emotions, just a bit less intense than that of humans. They generally have a range of logical mind to love and happiness, and are contented. They do not experience sadness, anger, or overwhelming love (the kind one might kill for). They are a peaceable race, who communicate with, study and build relationships with other races. They are explorers. Z’Kerg’s roles consist of watching, observing, guiding, sharing and loving each race he encounters.

Kimberly Cole


Z’Kerg reminds us to be thankful for our ability to experience the larger or outer range spectrum of emotions.