33rd parallel and reptilian

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33rd parallel counterpart of Claire Emma Brydon, and her Reptilian connection


She is some kind of a shapeshifter, not too unlike Willa Hillicrissing. A trickster being in a most positive sense, parallel reality specialist etc :) (if you don't know Willa check Darryl Anka's channelings of her). She's playing with the reptilian, totally unafraid, and she's almost mocking him playfully too, as she has sharp teeth in this form as well.

The 33rd parallel (which I believe she is a part of) all represent different Galactic energies. My counterpart in that group represents reptilian energies in her "default" form even though she is not reptilian. I believe same goes for your counterpart but in an aquatic sense. However, she can shift into anything and anyone she wants and really be that being, and she can be multiple beings in multiple places at the same time. THAT'S how free she is :D

At first I saw her as a dancing woman with red curly hair but... that was just her easing me into it haha... She was dancing seductively and playfully in front of the Reptilian, and he seemed so in love and mesmerized by her energy.

These beings can alter matter itself, and her favorite playtime is waterbending so to speak :D

P.S. The dolphin energies that you felt are connected to her, as she resonates with them a lot and she is very much like one. Intelligent, playful, wise and when necessary - formidable. And they have sharp teeth too! ;)

Claire Emma Brydon