Older than Milky Way

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Galactic connection of Chi-Yin


This being is one of many of their race that are connected to you. They belong to a highly advanced civilization that is possibly even older than our Milky Way galaxy. When I was connecting to them I felt like my perception was completely altered, it was a very different state of consciousness, almost like I was on psychedelic drugs or in a lucid dream. I've never experienced these beings before to my conscious knowledge but they felt very familiar to me too. At first I thought this was a female, then a male, and then I realized they contained balance within them so I couldn't tell. Very androgynous.

They are masters of different states of being, they morph their consciousness like water, but are very sharp and intelligent. They work with breath. At the inhale they gather the cosmic energy and at the exhale they shift not just themselves but reality around them. Very mysterious as well, they wanted you to know that you shouldn't be afraid of different states of consciousness, and that you will never lose yourself if you drop your shields and perceived stability.

Your presence is immense and you are able to influence those around you, to the point where they lose their rigid beliefs and open their minds to new understandings. You are also able to guide people to greater alignment, with the help of your cosmic family, even though it might be a scary process to some of them. You are able to bring them into a state of peace which enables transformation, and you are also able to ignite the inner light in people, so that they can see their path more clearly. They want me to tell you to pay attention to the power of breath, and to meditate looking in their eyes. It might be a very powerful experience so do not be afraid.

They hold great love for you and they see your power. They will always be there to help you find your way when you feel lost.