Agarthan Priestess

Inner Earth civilization
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Agarthan priestess for Tina Corriveau Blackwell

Wow this was unexpected appearance for me! She seems to be Agarthan, member of an Inner Earth group. I am hesitant to say that, because whenever I connect to them there seems to be something fogging my vision, and I am not the first one to report this. So take this with a grain of salt, but I feel she is one of the priestesses who are taking care of the memory crystal. I kept seeing her energy guarding it almost as if she was some kind of a Vestal Virgin.

I am getting that she used to be one of the Vestal Virgins back in Ancient Rome, posing as human. As I am writing this it hits really hard so I am pretty sure this is the case.

This expression of her is far in the 'perceived' past of our planet, and I believe she ascended since into non physical and has been guiding you. Again, take it with a grain of salt just in case, but do a research on Vestal Virgins. From what I am getting from her, you will find synchronicities and clues there. There were things hidden in the Roman temples back then, put there by Inner Earth people.

She did not give me her name, possibly because she doesn't want to be pestered by other humans. But she was kind enough to show herself to me and I am very grateful for that. She has a very powerful presence, not to fuck around by any means. Even though she seems fragile and delicate, and she is, she's a powerful priestess that works (worked) with ice, water and crystalline structures in them. I am getting a funny comparison to an ice queen and it kinda fits, because I sense no deviations from her in regards to her path. She had a very important role / calling and this was her whole long life. Only the expressions of that role differed. There is a certain sharpness in her purity, almost like a bright light hurting my eyes, like white cloudy skies reflecting off of hills of snow.

She is standing in a waterfall of milky water rich in minerals, at the entrance of a temple where the crystal is. This is a simple representation of the environment, more symbolic than accurate, but the feel of it, the cave, marble and water inside, the crystal, they all play a role in your activation here.

The posture she had while I was depicting her was unrelenting, and her looking back at me almost felt as if she was discerning whether any of us are worthy of seeing this. However, this did not come from her personally, but from a structure of her beliefs, culture, bad experiences with humans, and general mistrust. She however feels like she has done no wrong, and this vibration reminds me of a mother protecting her child, doing whatever it takes. She was not afraid or judgmental though, I feel more a sense of serenity, wisdom, firmness and logic than anything else.

The cave she is standing in front of is also underground. I believe the reason she decided to show us this is because none of it looks this way anymore. This was about 3000 years ago.

I feel she is like a twin soul sister of yours. Not exactly your other incarnation, but more like 2 souls joined together, revolving around one another like binary stars. Creating that much more, expanding that much more.

You have chosen to remain on the surface and find the bridge, the middle ground from there. Remind humans of their true nature, help them connect with it, and with nature in general, Earth. Bring them one step closer to being able to find a common language with these ancient peoples.

There is a thread here that connects Saturn and Agarthan role in Ancient Rome as well. She encourages you to explore this. I went to Wiki to just get a feel of it and see if I am going to get some synchronicities, and the first thing I found was this:

Saturn's chthonic (literally means "subterranean") nature connected him to the underworld and its ruler Dis Pater, the Roman equivalent of Greek Plouton (Pluto in Latin) who was also a god of hidden wealth.

I feel the necessity to say this for the third time, I am not 100% on this information. It would be great to hear your take on it, because this is a first time I've connected with someone else from Inner Earth aside from the depictions I've done for Corey.

The reason why I believe this information is true is because I am feeling a very similar vibe as I did when I was connecting to groups Corey Goode was sharing about. I know they are able to deceive and represent themselves as someone else too, so be open and let the image speak to your heart, the information I write about it is secondary. Such a beautiful experience this was! Thank you for letting me peer into your connections