Sasha the Pleiadian

channeled by Lyssa Royal Holt
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Sasha the Pleiadian, channeled by Lyssa Royal Holt

I'm a big fan of the material and was really happy to do this depiction, seeing as how I followed Lyssa's work over the years.

It was a very fun project and when I would connect to Sasha I kept feeling like I'm looking through her eyes instead of at her so it was hard to depict her lol.

Also, the frequency was so strong that I felt this amazing calm, collected, safe and auspicious atmosphere of the ships they're on. It literally felt like I was deep in 4th density and that if I turn from the computer I'd find myself on the ship. I recognize that feeling well, as it accompanies all my astral ship visitations. Only in this case I was fully awake and able to appreciate how different it is from Earth still, rather than take it for granted as I do in dreamstate.

I highly recommend Lyssa's channeling about times we live in, Earth and galactic history and different species. And especially her contact work.

To find out more visit www.lyssaroyal.net or Lyssa Royal Group Page


From Lyssa's post:

"Galactic Artist Vashta Narada recently completed this portrait of Sasha, who is the Pleiadian being I have been channeling since 1988. I've never see her face physically, but my husband Ron got a glimpse of a side view of her before she "beamed out" during contact work many years ago. Because of this, he guided some of the details of her appearance."