member of the Andreen race from Rigel star system
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Akseel, from Rigel star system (Orion)

This is an old connection and I never got to depict him since I started doing artwork, so finally I dedicated some time for my own ET friends and re-uploaded a channeling session I've done with him through Rob Gauthier (The E.T. Whisperer).

Akseel is a member of Andreen race, one of the hybrid races we mothered. It is just one of several races residing in that particular star system. He is over 3900 years old according to our orbit calculations, with an average lifespan of 11000 years in his race. His race is at the end of fifth density, going into sixth.

Please listen to the session, he explains who he is in detail.

Akseel from Rigel, Orion - channeled by Rob Gauthier