Founder beings / Architects

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Founder beings / Architects for Jessie Shen Huxley

Wow!!! When I started connecting I experienced about 20 minutes of intense consciousness shift. All I could see are these green sparkly starry beings looking at me from all sides, and I was overwhelmed with a feeling I can't even put into words. It's not joy or bliss or elation it's something almost alien but so known at the same time. It felt like pre-birth for the lack of a better word. I lost all awareness of my body and was just sitting here amazed and wondering how the hell am I going to depict what I saw. They soothed me immediately and after those 20 minutes I received a signal to start. It's not a regular experience of my process, but on the other hand it's never the same so I learned not to expect anything. I started working and I was so guided that I don't even know exactly how I managed to achieve the picture to look this way. I know I am probably not able to repeat it or recreate it now.

They are definitely non physical, and they are a collective consciousness as well. I depicted only one because it's the same as many, them being so unified. They seem to work directly with morphogenic consciousness grid, and I believe they are responsible for creating some of the solar systems in our galaxy. This is the scale they're working in. This means that your connection to them relates to Earth's gridwork and grander picture of energies. You have the ability to see the balance where others see contrast. You also have the ability to remain neutrally loving while others struggle with their biases. This is the strength and serenity you draw from them.

The reason why you weren't able to see them yet is because they really have no form we can perceive, unless they intentionally manifest as light. But their original form is more like a multidimensional crop circle or a pattern / blueprint of energies that they carry. More like delicate threads of consciousness weaving itself into information that can be manifested as light or sound or even solar or planetary matter if they so intend.

Why I found it so familiar is because it feels almost exactly the same like some of the Arcturian collective I am communicating with all my life, the ancient ones that have never even been physical, the ones who remained in their realms of consciousness and have been assisting the galaxy from that level. The only difference is that I have never seen them present themselves as green.

Whoever these beings are, or rather, whoever this consciousness collective is, they are some of the more advanced souls in our understanding and they cover a very specific range of the spectrum. I believe some of them are calling them the Founder beings.

It might well be that there is a personal reason for you that they appeared as green. From what I am getting the symbology is life, nature, freshness, clarity, purity and balance. They also showed me that they work with Northern lights on Earth, and that they are balancing out some of the more drastic changes that are happening in our planetary grid by working with the poles.

They can be and are everywhere, anytime. They are not bound by linearity at all. So you can always feel their presence if you just set your intention to their frequency.