Aldanea and Asher

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Asher and Aldanea - Atlantean connections of William and his wife

I am not getting any messages from these beings, but I am getting some information about them.

This is a Sirius-Pleiadian lineage and culture. The feline part is connected to Sirius and is carrying the genetics and energies that were imbued with an intense spiritual commitment. The lineage from Sirius had Vegans (Vega) as their ancestors. This genetic line was very dedicated to assisting humans with advancement and enlightenment teachings.

The Pleiadian lineage present was related to some of the failed attempts to assist humans in ancient history, and the more polarized side of that spectrum which went into repression of negative / shadow aspects instead of integrating them.

The blend of these two lineages and energies created integration, and so, these beings were symbolizing that integration and that is what they were trying to teach. Seeds of their knowledge were recorded but suppressed or distorted (very similar to Yeshua story much later on), but they have remained as seeds, ready to sprout when the time was right.

They took their knowledge home after the fall of Atlantis, and continued to teach where it was needed, streamlining into the more advanced Pleiadian energies that are symbolized by unconditional love and wisdom combined. So they were not just assisting the Earth, they were assisting other systems and evolution of other Galactic families as well.

Their presence on our planet had a rogue and controversial element, as there was also resistance from different galactic groups at the time they were living here. Those groups are more known to us as authoritarian and didn't appreciate this kind of devotion to service for the highest good.