Future Human

Member of the Future Human race on Earth
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Alexandra's Future Self, member of the Future Human race on Earth

He came through with so much light, I was hardly able to make out his features. At first I saw brown hair, tanned skin tone and green eyes, he was wearing a green shirt, and as we progressed he was showing me how we would see them from this perspective and how different it looks for us to witness a full 4th density member of our race. To them, they don't glow like this, just like we don't visibly glow to each other, but we would to people half a century ago.

A lot of blue and turquoise and teal colors, and white light. Blue planet indeed. And blue-green energies. Thymus integration. They are at a point where they know their true Self, and have integrated the gap between the heart and the mind that we are working on at this point in our timeline. He is showing the result of that integration.

I was not able to make out his age, and even though he looks very young, he is not. He would be the equivalent of our 25-30 years of age. Much more prolonged lifespan as well. Unlocked potential that we cannot even fathom yet, but are feeling it deep within.

They see themselves as part of life, and part of the environment. Not separate from the planet and all inhabitants of it. More as a result of the planet and its motions, with which they dance along. Attuned to magnetic fields, feeling the laylines, forests breathing, animals migrating, soil rumbling, currents flowing. It's all part of the new consciousness. They live attuned to these cycles, rather than any technology or counting minutes on a clock. The planet itself glows, from our perspective. Colors are brighter, more vibrant, everything is connected and teeming with life.

I asked him how do we get to that point, and he said to all of us -

"Trust the cycles. Much will unfold and it will not always look like what you expect. Stay humble and don't be so convinced you know what is going on and what should be done. You will play your part when the time is right. There is no need to overreact, or overact. You are not an abandoned species, but you don't know it yet. Many things must shatter before clarity is obvious. Do not be afraid of everything shattering. Those are all belonging to the same old energy. Let them perish. There is something behind and beyond all that, but it cannot show itself through dirty windows. Love this time in your galactic history, it will be remembered for many long cycles. It means so much to so many. Pay attention to the bigger picture. Record / experience history in the making. Witness (y)our becoming. Many are here for that very reason. After artificial structures / ideologies collapse (ALL of them), YOU will become the new structure, standing tall and in full light of the cosmic creation, aligned with the greatest good. You won't be looking to an external authority, book, teaching or figure, to receive instructions on how to live anymore. That time is ending. When crutches and structures are removed, all will be revealed. This is how you will get to that point. We are the result and know this - We honor and love you."

I asked for any message he might have for you in particular -

"Use me as a mirror. You are one of the bridges between our timelines. You can go very deep into this, if you so desire. I am willing to show, to reflect to you your new structure that you already have within, and help you understand it in a way that you can use in your life. I am your future expression. Our signature essence is the same. You can use this to your benefit on many levels. Whichever levels resonate with you now, those are the ones to start with. Make friends with exploration. Sometimes you are afraid to walk outside of familiar experiences, due to the consequences you have experienced in your past. It all served. It was all blessed. It is all loved, just like you are. Remember this when you embark your future journeys. All of them lead to light."


My experience of this connection was that he felt very relaxed, very nonchalant and matter-of-fact guy who has no need for sentimentalities and sugarcoating. Intense love coming from him but it is the kind of love that penetrates and envelops by it's very existence. Not directed, or focused, it was emanating from him as a being in all directions. He felt calm, trustworthy and safe. These are the only words I can think of right now but they don't do it justice. Imagine talking with someone who has nothing to hide whatsoever, nothing to gain, wants nothing, sends nothing. He just is, and as he is, he is cosmic light, harmony and love.