Arcturian Activation

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Galactic connection / activation for Jesse Dujari

Jesse is a graceful and very powerful presence and she is a wonderful teacher I highly recommend She is also a dear friend of mine. You can check out her journey and work here:

Morning Oasis

These are her words about this experience:

"A dear friend and gifted artist channeled this for me. It was a complete surprise to receive it in my inbox on the morning before the 10/10 portal opened.

Normally, she channels a message as well, but this time she didn't. All I knew was that this image was for me. But there are many synchronicities already showing themselves. For instance, I've been guided to hold my hands in this position many many times. It actually has become my natural posture while flowing energy through me.

As soon as I saw the image I knew that these beings are me. I could feel that the "human woman" was me, and my fifth density expression. I could feel that the Arcturian is me and my sixth density expression. And I could feel the light emanating out of Source behind them. I knew immediately this was my channel back into unity consciousness. Through deeper exploration, I realized that the light is my seventh density expression.

I spent some time meditating with the image streaming the vibration coming from the image. Feelings of love, support, of witnessing, the strongest sense of being held beyond measure flowed through me, but I hadn't heard a message yet. So when Hannaneel was over I showed her the image and it turns out that hand positioning is an invocation and once I started to perform the invocation, I had one of the most profound experiences in my life of my heart expanding beyond my chest, be on my body as I brought in the heart of source into the creation. What an amazing experience.

Simply by tracing ourselves back into Source, learning and finding our way by feeling our misalignments as well as alignments and breaking through the beliefs, memories, and decisions we have made we can undo the damage that resulted from forgetting this one truth, we are Source Embodied. That is how we find our way into wholeness. We are the Creation, the Creator, and the Witness all at once. We are the villain and the victim, the hero and the slain, we are all things, at all points in time. Knowing this to the fiber of your core, frees us of the guilt of having to wear any one face, play any one role. This has been the greatest gift of my expansion, knowing this, freeing myself of this guilt and shame for who I have been, who I had to be, who I couldn't become.

Vashta you are amazing! I am using this to help me stay in alignment with my highest of selves, with my path and my goal, with my purpose. The creation is so grateful that you are here in alignment with your purpose, fulfilling your role.

The messages are still coming through every time I look at it. Thank you!"