Aquatic Guide

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Aquatic guide for Blanca

She is in a crystal cave but this is the closest I could get with background as that is not my forte. Frequency-wise it's quite similar, only there are crystals on the slopes of the cave that seem to be of a very similar color she is. Everything has an unimposing, yet clear shine to it.. divine, deep bioluminescent vibe. During the day the crystals on the cave reflect beautiful daylight, and during night they have their own aqua-ish shine from within. The reason for this does not seem to be material/physical in the crystals themselves or the beings, it's a frequency thing. Kind of like seeing more colors and different colors than usual.

An aquatic being. She showed me 2 images. One of them was the one I drew, the other one was something that looked much more fish-like, with long fins on the head, arms, legs and down her back, like japanese fighter fish (betta fish). It was quite beautiful and ethereal, and she says you will be able to see this higher density form of hers in deep meditation, sleep, or when you're floating relaxed on the surface of the water.

They don't have facial expressions, they all look a little bit started due to the roundness of their eyes, but that's just how we would interpret it based on human expressions. Their energy is much more telling. She is highly curious and full of conviction and wonder at the same time. This is what is coming through and what she's pointing out, as something she can help you with. The energy of conviction and wonder. Also the energy of harmony among the members of this race.

She is not sharing any information with me except that you are family, you are protected and watched over at all times, and you are always loved and welcome to visit and co-create in dreams and waking life. She said that you might remember that cave and swimming with them.

P.S. Feels like Sirius and Orion connection.