Arcturian Collective

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Arcturian Collective for Joanna

Notes for the client:

What a beautiful wise loving group these beings and consciousnesses are! An Arcturian collective came through in relation to DNA coding you have mentioned. I resonate strongly with them as my principal connection is an Arcturian collective as well! Such an invigorating, serene and humbling experience. They work with energetic codes / blueprints as mentioned before, and with ethereal DNA strands, as well as cosmic grids and languages of light.

Structures beyond structure. Energies that hold things together in the physical world. They also have a very commanding presence, but a great sense of intelligent humor and gentleness that is coming from endless compassion from a neutral, non judgmental point of view. I sense a lot of heart energy but more than that I sense clarity, logic and higher understanding of how everything works. Etherweavers I would call them. Ethereal beings without a physical manifestation, even though they can project their consciousness into whatever form they wish if it is necessary or fun for them to do so. It is not a lasting projection though as they prefer their natural non corporeal state of being.

I am sensing from them that you already know all this, and that there is no need for me to translate more. You primarily work with them in dreams and astral states where you are unbounded by human condition, and then you bring it back to waking life to download, unravel and integrate at your own pace.