Playful Pixies

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Playful Pixies for Jewel

Notes for the client:

You asked about a swirling energy above your crown chakra and a few times your Bluetooth speaker went off on its own. I sent out a request to see who is contacting you and these two little beings came through!

They are somewhat mischievous and tricksterish, but not malevolent. Their energy feels extradimensional, but also very nature based, like they are some kind of fae. Playful pixies is the best description.

They are quite tiny as I saw them, but they can shift their size. No genders that I could discern. From what I can perceive, they are here to play with you, and be your friends. There is no grand mission or message, other than learning how to communicate with them and all of nature's "paranormal" expressions.

There can be lessons in there of various kinds when it comes to learning about yourself, as there are with any trickster being. One of them being about playfulness and lightheartedness, and the other about standing in authority of your own being and not being easily distracted or pulled in one direction or another.

As you practice that more and more, you will be ready to follow that thread into more wonders of their world without getting lost in strangeness. Quite a different experience from what we are used to as humans, so it is up to you how far you want to go with this, as they are perfectly happy to play with you in our world as well.