Arcturian Guide

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Arcturian for Alexandra

Notes for the client:

You were right to assume Arcturians would show up! There was a lot of iridescence and a lot of ultraviolet / black light kind of glow. The strong light in this being kept impressing upon my eyes, and it was hard to tell which color was she, and whether I am seeing the actual image or the light impression in negative (like when you sungaze and close your eyes and see the whole landscape in negative). So much light!

I feel her as your higher expression, and the one who connects most to every other aspect (and member of the family). I definitely feel feminine energies here, even though this presence is non physical as we would define physical. Very electric, made me think of Tesla and his knowledge of luminous ether. The true form of the cosmos.

I did not receive any particular messages, as you are well connected and can talk to all of your family yourself. I guess that WAS the message, since I felt it was conveyed / confirmed through this being. Absolutely stunning energy and intensity of her consciousness, almost hard to bear but also feeling so familiar, like home to me. Thank you for this beautiful opportunity to connect with your galactic family!