Deneb, Cygnus
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Acacia of Deneb (Cygnus) for client

Notes for the client:

She belongs to a 6th density ancient benevolent race who inhabit the star Deneb (yes the star itself, not a physical planet) within Cygnus constellation. They appear as very short (around 4ft) blue beings with long violet hair (both males and females). I don't know if you are familiar with a being called Aridif, who is being channeled by Rob Gauthier (ET Whisperer). Aridif is one of Rob's main connections and there is a lot of material on his website and youtube channel, as Denebians are teachers and have been in contact with humans throughout ancient history. They were present in the Middle East, Ancient Egypt as well (around 4500 B.C. and before), and in many other places throughout the ancient history of our planet.

I won't talk about Denebians much as there is a lot of information you can find through Rob's channelings, but I do want to mention that long before they evolved into what Denebians are now, they were Ancient Pleiadians.

She gave me the name Acacia or Akacia, but you can also translate it into your own language, to whatever the plant Acacia is called. They do not have names but this is a vibrational resonance you can use for her.

She came through when I asked about the energy you felt in your childhood as a guiding hand or the feeling of "home". She is your principal connection to others of your galactic family as we all have many. Some of us have various guides and families who connect to us directly, others have principal connections who always come first and help us connect to others. This is what she is for you.

I asked her if there was a message she would like me to convey, and she said there is only a message of love- God's love for you, her love for you, and the love that you are, are the only thing that matters.