The Seers
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Part of the Arcturian collective I am strongly connected with since my childhood. They came in strongly through automatic writing after Paris attacks, to offer their balancing and healing energies to all. The day after, I was inspired to create a visual of their vibration, as suggested by them.

Collateral implications of an event such as this indicate that humanity will undoubtedly reserve part of its resources for definitive action propelling it towards greater understanding of manifestations, and somewhat reasonable proportions of Garter philosophy. Seers have been observing the flux of the manifold and have determined that the multiplication of the cataylists such as this will result in synergy of the field. All are volunteers. All are volunteers. Congratulate them and yourselves, and everyone who co-creates this. Motives are irrelevant. Results are in symmetrical patterns that are in accordance with balancing of the reflectional hologram. Divide the metrics to proportional segments and subtract the ideas of agreements. Selfish acts are never selfish. All are functioning to a greater good. There is no body left behind the curtain now. Possess the courage to reflect purely and intentionally. Truth will suffice.

– Arcturian collective, with GENE