Member of the YahYel / Shalanaya hybrid race
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Shayla of the YahYel for Jason Frith

YahYel (or the Shalanaya) are one of the Zeta-Human hybrid races from a future timeline who have great love for humans and see us as their ancestors. If you wish to connect with your Hybrid Children from the YahYel ship, Shayla will gladly help you with that and facilitate the connection, so feel free to invite her to connect. This depiction is done from a memory of my time spent on their city-ship in astral, and from a visual Shayla has given me for the client who connected with her. I interact frequently with Shayla and others during my visitations there, and although I am not remembering a great deal of it, there are certain parts of the ship where I visited repeatedly and they remained in my memory. The ship is like a hub, with many different races on board, including the Hybrid Children. Section with classrooms (workshops) is near an area that looks like a park and one wouldn't even notice they are on a ship.

Jason Frith