member of Denebian race, teacher of humanity
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Aridif is a sixth density Denebian, or Ancient Pleiadian as he likes to refer to his race as well. He has been assisting and teaching humanity for aeons, both physically coming to our planet and interacting with ancient tribes and civilizations, and through consciousness interfacing. I have been connecting and working with him throughout many lifetimes, such as one in Ancient Egypt, but also including this one. He is being channeeled by Rob Gauthier, and he is yet again teaching us about love, wisdom and integration.

Rob Gauthier – Rob’s channeling site – E.T. Whisperer


1. All things behind me do not matter, all things in front of me will be as I direct them through creator consciousness.

2. I will approach my now moment as if there are no limitations.

You are Loved. – Aridif