my Sassani/Shakani counterpart
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Going out on a limb here, as I tried to represent her energy with very little visual info I have of her. I started consciously connecting with her at the start of this year, after I had a memory retrieval of my physical encounter with her craft when I was a child. I am not 100% sure of her looks, but she has been giving me clues and hints, which include her brown hair and the robe she is wearing. I started depicting her in the standard nanosuit but she was insisting I change that to something more "formal". I still don't know if she is some sort of an ambassador or what she really does, and why is she in a robe, but by making this depiction I find it easier to connect to her loving energy. The symbol she is making with her hands is a triangle split in 4 triangles, but it is in 3D, so kind of like part of the Merkaba shape. She picked that name because of the Adiemus song I really love.