Atlan – Aton

Sirius guide
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Sirius guide for Dhanu

Notes for the client:

I am getting different names from him, and a distinct idea that these represent the energy of his Sirius consciousness collective. Atlan / Aton. In the times when Sirius civilizations were still learning in duality and drama, he was a great warrior. A warrior of light so to speak. This was a long time ago in their evolution, before their consciousness has moved towards integration of their shadows.

He is here now to tell the hero's journey towards this integration as our planet is going through a similar transformation. As someone who has already experienced this shift, he wishes to hold the space of compassion and understanding for all who are struggling in confusion about what to do and how to be.

He is saying that every phase of growth has value, and is a stepping stone towards more clarity.

"We all experience together. There is not one experience that is isolated from the whole. There is not one expression of creation that can create outside of it. We all co-create and not one of us creates on their own. Like different currents in the water, we move this way and that, but ultimately it is all part of the same system. A system in which movement gives life. Movement of cycles that wax and wane. On and off, like your beating heart, and breath. Tune into this system, tune into the bloodstream of creation that pulsates perpetually with beautiful rhythm. There is harmony in this. One can say - I prefer inbreath over outbreath. - but they'll have to keep breathing still. Relax into this everlasting change and find its pulse. This is also how we can harmonize and facilitate the contact, if you so desire."