Lion People of Lyra
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Ixa, feline ET female of the Lion People, for Rafael

Channeled message for the client:

"Blessings upon your world. I am Ixa of the Lion People of what you now call Lyra. I offer my hand and my heart open wide, to the wonder of what it is to be human. My world and your world have met before. In your terms, in your perspective, translation is as follows.

In what you define as past, your expression and my expression have been paired to do divine work. Different lifetimes, but same agreement. I understand that in your world there are many definitions about past, and much confusion about other lifetimes. I will attempt to be clear. There is a thread, a pattern let us say, that your higher self is drawn to. A particular kind of weave in the tapestry of creation. Your higher self has been choosing specific expressions that fulfill this excitement on many occasions. You are not new to this, and I am not new to you, the bigger you. Yet, it is like we meet for the first time from the perspective of this incarnation. It is a paradox that we must allow if we are to avoid traps of the subconscious.

We are of the same oversoul, but even more specific, of the same soul group that has agreed to bridge the worlds. Some of us are on this "side", some of you are on that "side. Holding hands over the illusory chasm. But I wish to put one distortion to rest. We all come from the same place that is no place at all, you understand. We are made out of same wisdom, same light. One love, many souls.

By your definition I am a focused expression within a collective of sixth density beings. We exist beyond what you deem material, yet from our perspective we are indeed material. Different kind of matter. Condensed consciousness. I choose to be the way I am consciously, while you do the same unconsciously. Thus we are bridging together a spectrum of expression.

There is one concept I wish to unfurl to you above all others - the power of your higher heart. True essence. Different beings of different worlds choose to utilize their inner power in myriad different ways, but all of them either know or fear love. When one has known love within, the love that holds us together, they have known true power. You have an expression in your world - lion heart. It is no accident. It speaks of love, not as a delicate and fragile flicker that can be blown out by winds, ghouls and worries, but as a force of conviction that one has when their heart has been fully opened to that which courses throughout universes holding everything together. I speak of that love to you. This is where you find strength, courage, certainty and virtue. Then all else is a breeze fanning your flames."