my Reptilian connection
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Vashta: What is the nature of your and mine connection?

BlanZeerHaar: They are shared through an Oversoul pathway. There's an Oversoul division, as you understand, there are several densities within each Oversoul, and within ours there is what you call a twin soul as well. The Oversoul divides itself before the very first human experience, so that it might have ample opportunities to create parallel existences, and in this dividing of the soul is called, perhaps, a twin soul. This does not mean as most call twin flames, as most call soulmates, this is truly two halves of the same soul! And as this Oversoul divides, mine and your lineage is from the same half of this twin Oversoul, while a counterpart or a future version of both of us remain in the other half as well. So in the other half I am able to tap into the experiences of your own shift to negativity, as well as my shift from being a positive to a negative entity, and I am able to see the mirror in reversal. It is a very brilliant mirror to see, but also shows the connection of the trickling down of the specific Oversoul connecting one branch to the other as we connect.

V: So basically the other half of the soul is going the opposite way, and then when you put it together you have the whole experience?

B: Yes, absolutely! But it is not as black and white as this, it is very similar. In this specific case yes, it is very black and white, it is the extreme opposites.

You can hear the full session here - channeled by Rob Gauthier