Calm Water

Sirius connection
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Calm Water, Sirian galactic family of Canette

Notes for the client:

"She told me that her name, translated to our words, would be the reflective surface of calm water. This is a being of Sirian lineage, from a very high frequency domain. She is working with a large collective of beings all dedicated to healing the emotional sphere of Earth as a planet. And of course this emotional sphere includes every living being on the planet, and the planet herself. Countless consciousnesses participate in this, from various different realms, including some of us humans, the planetary healers. It is a vast network that includes all kingdoms here as well, from mycelium through trees, insects, animals, humans, cryptid creatures and those who have crossed over and decided to help as well. Some of the beings who participate in this, like Calm Water is, are also tutors and so to speak directors of energy and intention.

This is where she is conveying to me you and her are most connected, aside from being of the same ethereal seed as she says. The directing and funneling of chaotic energies into a clearer, more effective and potent direction is something you both can do very well. And there is no explanation as to how. You just know how. She is with you the whole way, working side by side on helping the planet and humanity ease their way out of this turmoil, breath by breath."