Illion Zartag

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Illion Zartag, galactic connection of Harley

Notes for the client:

This is a race of bioluminescent higher dimensional scholar / scientist type beings who reside in a region of space that is considered a stellar nursery. They are not physically in our dimension, but reside in a higher dimension where plasma is surrounding them, similar to what water does here in deep oceans. So in that way we can even liken them to aquatic beings, only their medium is not water but plasma. Or something that we would call plasma and haven't found a word for yet. They are like stellar guardians, observing the processes that condense loose matter into stars eventually, and also observing processes where stars eject some of their matter via nova type events and get reborn periodically. We could say that they are the scholars of stellar transformations.

Illion conveyed to me that the stellar transformation type of events do not unfold disconnected from the inhabitants of that solar system, or realm. It is all connected and none of it is random. The electromagnetic impulses go through everything in the domain of that particular star, and the same force that transforms the star, transforms its kingdoms as well. And he conveyed that even though we are used to looking at it in a linear fashion, one cannot claim that one thing happens after another, but rather it all happens simultaneously. He referred to it as the spark. I asked if he meant spark of life, and he said - 'perhaps' and smiled. I asked him to elaborate as I am a bit tired of cryptic answers (lol), and he conveyed that even though his race is more advanced than us in terms of awareness, amount of light they can hold and amount of dimensions they can span, they are just as bewildered at forces of God, and do not pretend to understand them, or his will and his ways. They are simply there to observe and learn what they can, and be in awe of the Creation.