Celestial Seed

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Celestial Seed for Alexa Person


I think this is not one of your sons with Ahy to be honest. This being is something else entirely! It feels very advanced and androgynous to me, and he / she is able to move through dimensions and move others along with him. It never speaks, it just shows, and communicates by showing you things, making you feel and shift with him. He can take you places others cannot. Doesn't mean he is more advanced, it just means his main focus is exploring rather than directly assisting. If I could only show you in some kind of animation what he wants me to show you.. this is why I made 2 versions but there are countless. The way he just stood there like a beacon and everything around him morphed and changed into most beautiful landscapes and colors and feelings and states, and yet everything remained exactly the same. Same background, same sky, same figure.. but not. Something to do with light and the way light changes everything. Deeper message here.

This is a connection that you have with another group, and they are very similar to Mantis beings everyone talks about energetically. The Founders. This being was created through etheric strands that emanate from you, not from direct DNA or sexually. It is like a child you sent forth along with his creators to be a constant in the everchanging universe. I almost want to cry how intense this energy is, and I only connected the dots after finishing these 2 versions.. when I looked at them it became clear. The being is reflecting your Creator fractal and the Creation itself. The highest version of you was involved in this. It is your eyes and ears and heart, touching and reaching out to the most distant parts of the Universe.

I keep calling him "he" but in a way he showed me that it is like I would call the Creation "he". It's just what we're used to. But there is no gender in light. And connecting to this is not for the faint of heart, but I already know you are not :D All I can say is WOW!!

P.S. Ok so there is a correction this being wants me to express. Not a hybrid child. Celestial seed.