First Earth Incarnation Cycle
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First Earth civilization - other lifestream of Alexa Person and her Twin Flame Ahy


When I started on this I was as usual aiming to connect to ET counterparts / cosmic family. I didn't know who/what I was depicting and synchronistically while working on them I started playing Rob Gauthier's channeling of the KunKae - first Earth incarnation cycle beings, long before humans.

As I was listening it was more and more apparent that these 2 beings I was connecting to are just that, but I wasn't believing it.

I continued working on it nevertheless and when I was done after 3-4 days the feeling was even stronger than before.

I asked Alexa about it and if it made any sense and the reply blew my mind. She confirmed she was there during times of Pangea and her twin flame has shown himself to her from those times looking exactly like this.

Furthermore, she stated that he has shown her that incarnation and she was able to feel what it's like being in that body but also was able to see it from the "outside".

Apparently these beings were able to morph their looks as they advanced in evolution, between aquatic entities and more human looking entities. This was over 100 million years ago or so. They have left the planet since and evolved to ascended energy beings.

I will post the link to the channeling I mentioned, give it a listen and see if anything sparks up in you :)

Galactic Channeling - KunKae - ET Whisperer - Sept 2016 - first Earth Incarnation Cycle by The E.T. Whisperer