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Chad - for Christy

Notes for client *part of casual email correspondence*:

He seems to be very fond of that name! I get the impression he loves it so much because it creates a sort of familiarity between you two, and fondness, and yet it's also kind of funny and light.

However, he is very powerful and he wears that nonchalantly. I like him so much Basically the picture was done back when we were talking about him via emails here, but it took a long time to render it. It was so easy to connect to him, possibly because I find his energy so resonant with mine. It's not always like that, sometimes it takes me a week to finally tune in properly. It was such a pleasure to work with him

The glow that he has is almost bioluminescent. Like it's coming from under the skin. Initially I was going to do just a head image, but it was like he kept wanting me to show his hand as well. The motion that he's doing is what you get right after one snaps their fingers. As if he is saying "It's like that!", referring to the ease and flow we can shapeshift our world and frequency as well. The amount of freedom I feel from him is almost intoxicating. He doesn't seem to be bound by any rules even if they are cosmic laws.

I also saw him in what looked to me like dark red velvety monk robe with a large hood on, that was covering half of his face and eyes. A cultist feel, with wide sleeves and hands in prayer position, head down. Rope around his waist. He had a mischievous smirk. He was definitely mocking something, but I am not sure what was the context and was it a message for me, or for you, so I am sharing it just in case. Perhaps it was to contrast the nakedness haha.

I have noticed that shifters as I call them have a unique way of getting messages across, and that they use imagery almost like zen stories that we are to figure out. And they have so much fun watching us do it. And sometimes they do it to show stories don't mean anything. I love their humor and charm Perhaps this is also why he didn't share his origins with either of us.

Oh yeah another thing. He almost blends in with the background plasma.. I don't know if I managed to get that to be obvious, but the line between where he ends and "environment" begins is very blurred. It was sort of like a cloudy plasma that was all around him, but also a part of him.