Hybrid Daughter

Human, grey and insectoid hybrid child
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Hybrid Daughter for Ana Carolina

"Tell my mom that the green looks better with yellow." This is what I got as a message. It was more of a download though. From what I can tell, this is some kind of an inside joke, or a message that might only make sense to you, but at the same time I received an image of a heart chakra and solar plexus chakra. She is pointing out at the connection between the two and recommends to focus on this, as when you balance them out many other things will come into place.

She carries hybrid (human, grey and insectoid) energies, at least those are the ones I can perceive in her. Her beautiful eyes reminded me of those beautiful insect macro photographs where we can see a zoomed in sparkly eye of a dragonfly. She already knows how to create portals and she wishes to teach you. She says chakras are portals too. She also says that her origins are clues to your cosmic family, and that she is a result of merging between you as your human individuality and the hive mind of greys and insectoids. This is an extremely healing combination because of the blend of singular and collective perspectives. She can experience both at the same time and she can help you discern between the two, and also flow with both. There is a key in this to understanding and utilizing empathy in the most effortless and efficient way.

She is so ready to work with you in whichever way you think is most fun, and she loves you so much. You will see her differently, in different stages (of your own and her growth). It feels like a really tight bond you two have.. She has other expressions of herself, different incarnations, where she is your parent, teacher, partner etc. So don't look at her as just your child. This is only a current "arrangement" by your mutual agreement.

Also from what I get, she was created with your DNA, but there wasn't anything sexual about it as we know it. It was a higher dimensional creation that brought her to life, and higher science too. Your physical and non physical DNA was used, in combination with others mentioned before. She also said she can work on your DNA, assist the activations and facilitate changes.

As for the name, she wants you to give her one, as her mom.