Divine Feminine

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Andromedan connection for Andreea

"Anata ni aitai" - that's the first thing that came through. I thought it was a name at first, and then I realized it's Japanese when I did a bit of Googling. So I asked my friend Reuben Langdon for a translation and it shocked me to find out it means "I want to meet you". She must have plucked it out of my head because I do watch Anime.. but I don't speak a word of Japanese except for a few basic words everyone knows. Well, I am still really surprised I channeled a foreign language, but not surprised it was Japanese as I see it much more conducive language than English for spiritual messages and concepts lol.. but this isn't about me The message was addressed to you.

She seems and feels very human so to speak, but she is Andromedan. She carries a very clear frequency of what we call Divine Feminine. It's not so much about gender, but about the more receptive, allowing and open spectrum of energies. It is also connected to the Violet Ray, or seventh chakra level. Her presence is of Angelic nature.

I was curious as I don't know much about Andromeda, so I asked her if she could tell me a specific civilization / race from there that she belongs to. But she said that she carries a collective expression of a lot of them, and is a part of an Andromedan collective that spans through many different densities all the way to non physical higher intelligence. She also said (and take this with a grain of salt because I am not sure if I received it right) that if we look at the system of seven densities (described by Ra in the Law of One, and also Lyssa Royal Holt's channeling material), Andromeda galaxy would be our next Octave after we graduate from the first 7 densities, and that is where she is. If we look at the model of 13 densities presented by Rob Gauthier's channelings, her energy would resonate closest to 9th Density (Galactic consciousness). Naturally, it's not linear like this, and densities are simply different points of ourselves on our path/corridor that stretches from the Source all the way to ultimate separation, and back. I hope this makes sense.

She dreams of you and your world, just like we dream of other realms of existence. From her perspective, physical expressions seem just as elusive as non-physical are to us. You are both magnetized to each other and you summoned her energy into your life just like she did with yours, and so your hearts meet outside of time and space to merge and bask in this connection. These are energetic seeds and buds that will eventually grow exponentially, and the end result of this will ultimately be a merger of the two galaxies in the distant perceived future. Another integration of polarities, on a much higher, cosmic level.

On the second picture, she is telling me that she guided me to choose crystals as a background, because there is a connection between the first and seventh density we do not know of yet, that crystals are first density consciousness that contains all 7 rays within it, and assist with channeling these energies to support the evolution of life on a particular planet. And right now I am connecting the dots as she's sending downloads, as there are 7 basic brainwave frequencies that we humans have, and first one is connected to the seventh.

She is pointing out that particular "window" or bridge between an end and a beginning. She says it's a missing link that once you see, you will open up to much better communication with her. A cycle and a spiral, such is galactic consciousness.