General Bertsch

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General Bertsch, Orion counterpart of Stanley

What a charmer! He's been through a LOT and he's proud of the wisdom he accumulated through his experiences. It's kind of awkward for me to talk about him as it feels he's sitting right here overlooking what I write LOL. That's how strong his presence is, almost physical. But he is also amused to see me talking about him. Definitely not a man of many words. His eyes do the job perfectly fine. He definitely communicates telepathically, not with words, not even words in your head. He transmits tightly packed neat little download packages. Almost like orders but without urgency or desire for controlling anything. He listens much more than he sends. I can tell he used to be intimidating by his very presence, but not anymore. Now he is respected and loved instead of feared. He knows both sides of the coin very well. You can know all about him by looking into his eyes, he is not hiding anything. Bashar's quote comes to mind - "the greatest power requires the lightest touch". This being knows this viscerally. He is so in flow with the universe.

Now, as for the portrait, don't take it literally. The uniform I used is symbolic, it is something that he believed fits best for this representation out of all the clothing I could put on him in my program. And as always, my work is primarily symbolic, aiming at the unconscious mind, so don't get hung up on the representation too much. I do feel this picture is quite accurate when it comes to his looks, but there is always a chance that you will be able to see more of him and peel more veils of perception than me, seeing as how you are an experienced traveler. There is a chance that he left that tidbit for you to unravel on purpose.