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Eclipse for Jewel

I will go straight to the transcript of my communication. It was a very enlightening conversation and I did my best to write down what I was receiving beyond words, and also did automatic writing as she was speaking.

First I read your email again to focus the energy and let her address it if needed. This first part is her response directly to that.

"We didn't show up because we never left. You saw the Sun, but the Moon is behind, deep deep within. Eclipsed by the outward looking mind."

She is telling me it is no accident this took so long, because the eclipse is important, and meant to be a conduit. I am kind of taken by surprise as I was resisting the timing and wanting to finish it sooner, and yet again I learn that when I interfere in the process I lose sight of what is happening and reasons for it. Lots of non linear conversations happening at the same time, for me, for you, for humanity, they are transmitting it all and it's all connected. Same "thing" that all these angles are pointing at. I am saying "they" because she is connected to her whole race, and as I connect to her I can feel them speak through her.

"What happens when Earth gets out of its way? You can see the moon. What happens when you get out of your own way? The light reaches the shadows. What happens when the feminine polarity allows? Creation."

I am seeing so much life on the planet.. plants blossoming, insects breaking out of their cocoons, even the planet itself activating a double torus by the allowance of the feminine negative polarity. The vibration of receiving of cosmic intelligence and love.

"The moon doesn't do. Unless receiving is doing. Receiving of light to be reflected. Receiving of dark to be reflected. A face of a mother."

I am asking about polarity we know between Sun and Gaia, is it not Gaia the mother?

"Your planet, like you, human, is the (physically) manifested integration and centerpoint. Albeit in progress. To connect the circuit, most important is allowing. Allowing is complete surrender to the cosmic intelligence - your higher levels, your creator levels. Not reaching for it, not seeking it, not grasping nor asking. Not even being. Non-being. It reveals the moon of your soul, the pearl, and connects the circuit."

I am asking her about herself. I can tell she is an elder and a teacher.

"I saw the Orion wars. I saw resistance. I learned to fuse polarities."

When she says I, I am feeling she is referring to both yourself and her, as she is another version of You. I believe she is talking about mutual past lives and lessons.

"The impermanent little self can either be a conduit, or a hindrance. How much light can it let through itself before it starts resisting? The impermanent little self can be in the way, looking for Sun, looking for attention, and things that are in the way create shadows. Assume your natural cycle."

Once again she is showing me the Sun, Moon, Earth, and Moon eclipse. She is hinting at being a conduit between the Sun and the Moon, rather than an obstruction. This is the way for you to utilize these energies today. She says that assuming your cycle means allowing the timing to carry you, and that without forcing anything you will always be in a right position and perspective for that moment.

I am not getting a specific info on her origins. All I can say is that she is not quite human looking, as she has a different skull shape which is revealed under her hair on the sides. They are not hair buns, it's just the way her head is shaped. Elongated at the back and going to the sides.

Also, the color of her eyes was different when she was much younger. I believe it was fully blue. Now it's gaining inner fire, receiving light, as her spirit/wisdom is lighting up the body.

I asked if she wishes to say anything else or elaborate on what is already shared.

"We never left. We are deep, deep within. See us by not looking. We are under the shadows at the back of your being. Can you see your own head without a mirror? Implode. Non-being."

P.S. Eclipse is not her name, just the name of the piece itself as that's the energy that was being conveyed.