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Nimai the Pleiadian for Jessica

The name came through at the very end after I have finished the portrait. I then looked it up and to my surprise it means "Filled With Inner LIght". How appropriate!

Nimai is your counterpart and a soulmate on a higher level. You have had many lifetimes together as partners. I believe he is of the same race of Pleiadians Sasha is, the 4th density being Lyssa Royal channels (her future self), but don't take my word for it. I don't like pinpointing them like this, I would much rather leave it open for you to explore.

He is transmitting a symbol of a water lily. Nymphaea 'Peach Glow'. Pink/peach and yellow/gold energies. Sunrise and sunset. The "in between worlds" magic. The gap between breaths, the pause between tones in music. Water roots and sun kissed petals. This is the vibration of your connection, and what you can tune into to receive messages from him. He says the longer you can stay in that state, the more clear the communication will be and you will learn to trust it. Bathe yourself in these energies and know that it is his love that is showering upon you.

He is not giving me much more, it feels like this relationship is meant to be yours alone without "foreign" energies, so I will respect that and not insist on more. I can say this though. It feels so beautiful on so many levels. It feels like perfect love and blessed partnership. I am definitely honored to be the conduit for this!