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Elysium for Kate and Jesse (Lyra/Vega collective)

Notes for the client:

There is a strong energy of transmutation, purification and neutralization present. Coal to diamond, dark to light. This collective knows how to utilize the lower, denser vibrations and turn them completely around. I am getting a strong sense of ritual and sacred ceremony.

They are telling me that through the power of deliberate focus we can transmute current energies in our world. Lower vibration of the desire to control can be utilized by using that desire to control others and transmuting it into desire to control our own vibration. Not in a sense of suppression but in a sense of deliberate creation and focused intent. Ceremony helps this process take root.

In the same way, one sided thinking and its lower vibrational energies can be transmuted into a laser-like focus towards our connection with God. Not in a sense of fanaticism, but in a sense of unwavering knowingness that we are light.

Everything in creation utilizes neutral energy. That energy would be stagnant and stale, if it wasn't used. If there weren't any vessels to drive it so to speak. If there was no movement. And the only way movement can occur is to have some kind of duality present. Take pulsation for example. This pulsation has to have breaks in it, like gaps between breaths. That is what "vibration" means. If it's not moving it is not vibrating.

And so, understanding that lower and higher vibrations are manifestations of just that, and how both are needed for things to live and move and expand, is paramount to understanding the process of transmutation. Transmutation cannot happen without all the elements present. In the same way, we cannot transmute "dark" if we reject it. The process has to happen in our hearts.

The reason why we are going through this much pressure on our planet right now is not completely clear to us, but they are telling me it is not what most of us think. In their perspective, we wouldn't be accelerating towards transmutation without all this pressure. And the pressure wouldn't have occurred in the first place if we weren't starting to stagnate. It is a natural process that all civilizations go through. Cyclical, organic, necessary to a degree of having to experience it in order to jump start ourselves into a next era. Individual experiences aside, they are talking about our collective as a human race. They are saying we are not doing anything wrong. We are simply experiencing a change of seasons. Their only suggestion is to invite peace into our hearts, our minds and our lives so that we can enjoy this process as equal participants connected to the whole of creation rather than perceive ourselves as pawns and have a very bumpy ride. But all roads lead to the same destination.

Everything I wrote here came from them, I hope it doesn't sound jumbled because it was a conversation going on and as they were talking I was asking questions without even realizing it, and they were answering them immediately.