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Zila for Dan

Notes for the client:

Her name came through after I finished the image, and it wrapped it up nicely as I looked it up and it means "shadow". I was not sure why she wanted me to depict a dark side of a planet behind her, but now it makes sense. Initially I wanted to add more color to the background and make it more busy with galaxies but she kept saying keep it minimalistic. Less is more. There is a reason.

There is a certain stoic energy she emanates, which may make some humans uncomfortable. This comes from her ability to penetrate our hidden thoughts with ease. It is not that she is a mind reader, or that she imposes herself against free will. She simply sees frequencies all beings radiate, and within those frequencies is who we are. Not just what one presents intentionally, but all the hidden parts within, some of which we may not even admit to ourselves.

Most of our galactic family has this ability, which is why humans often feel fear when confronted with it, as they are being confronted with themselves, full blast. Luckily for us, unlike humans, our galactic cousins on higher levels have worked through judgements a long time ago, and they do not perceive any of this as our shortcomings. It is us who often feel less then when we feel "naked" and exposed, and yet it is exactly this we yearn for, in order to finally accept ourselves fully.

Zila feels a bit more 'alien' than we are used to, compared to our Pleiadian brethren and other more humanoid (similar to us in looks) species. She is inviting you to confront the alieness within you, whether that is estranged emotions you might have put aside, or parts of yourself that feel out of place. Full acceptance is a prequel to full love and full life. Full humanness, whatever that entails for you specifically.

I am feeling Zeta, Sirian and Arcturian energies from her, but I am not getting a specific definition. She is of very high vibration though, so her frequency feels like a highly evolved version of these 3 specific lineages. It is also possible that she belongs to a group we have no name for yet, and these stars are the closest comparison in our current vocabulary.

When I was first connecting with her, more of her kin came through as a group, and they immediately shifted my vibration to a higher one. It felt abrupt, like an airplane dip that leaves your stomach a bit weightless, but after that initial jump I could see sharper, my consciousness felt broader and my heart felt completely unburdened. Like I've broken through out of the dense atmosphere and started floating. After that strong shift, I felt their energies as very welcoming, warm and friendly.

The main theme with her is definitely what spiritual pop culture nowdays calls shadow work. But that is just one level of this connection you have with her, and should you go through that inward portal of self-examination and full self acceptance, (which is hard for any human but required to reach higher levels and open our hearts fully) there are more teachings and a stronger connection she offers with her kinship.