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Portrait for Catherine

This was a very interesting challenge! The image came right away, but I spent all this time trying to figure out what the message is, or rather making sure I am getting it right.

The thing is, I am not sure if I can put this into words using my linear mind but I will do my best.

You asked about what is behind / before your connections with other planets and said you were interested in lifeforce of everything. That's the fun part. It cannot be put into words but I will describe what I received instead.

First of all, starting from the bottom so to speak, your essence / history / consciousness is from Andromeda originally. You have gone through an incarnational cycle there before you ended up here, with all its different expressions, lifeforms and levels. But this is you now, you are an explorer and a bridge between 2 different huge energies which are Milky Way and Andromeda.

It seems to me that this might be why you are interested in the lifeforce, because the laws here seem to be different than within Andromedan galactic collective consciousness. What better way to explore than to seed yourself through this reality in various different forms and experience and observe first hand. Naturally, we've all had various completed incarnational cycles "before" our human or starseed or ET incarnations, so this is not super rare, it's just that not many beings on this planet understand this or even find it relevant at this point. And among those who do, it's not always relevant to know about it.

For you it feels like it's relevant because you are drawing your fascination with life and wisdom all the way from these other cycles and with them a clear intent of exploration and learning about new and different realities. Your "graduation" in Andromeda feels to be directly followed by venturing into a new cycle here. So in a way, you could say that you are like an infant here, wide-eyed full of wonder and curiosity, but at the same time bringing with you the wisdom of a full circle back to highest levels of consciousness and evolution. So you know the "game" well, you're just learning the rules in this particular game now.

The background in the portrait is my attempt to depict the higher consciousness that orchestrates all these choices, which you are a part of. It is very similar to the one of the Milky Way, at least how I perceive it, with a slightly different energy. The Milky Way one, I see as golden threads or a grid of filaments of information. They sometimes call it the cosmic grid or morphogenic grid (morphic grid?). The Andromedan one feels more feminine, more delicate, more allowing and opened, more heart based. That's why I have chosen different colors for it. It's geometric and fractal in nature, and incarnations feel like dewdrops on a beautiful spider web. Little droplets placed in space/time on the grid, like node points. One of them is you, here, now, as you know yourself to be with this body.

The drawing represents the energy download that is supposed to assist you in answering your questions, it's not a literal representation of any being in particular. Your energy thrives more when presented with concepts that cannot be put into words of our barbaric languages, or pinned down to a certain pigeon hole.